Cat call! Players contact Ardmona FC to play


Boasting a percentage of 1.67, on the surface you’d think it’s all doom and gloom up at Ardmona, but thankfully, things are finally starting to look up for the mighty Cats and that first win could be just around the corner.Β 


The Cats have been inundated with responses to their call to arms, fielding offers of help from literally all corners of Australia.

The first of Ardmona’s new prized recruits donned the blue and white hoops last weekend, however, true to the Ardmona’s luck in recent years, a broken wrist cut his career for the Cats incredibly short.

Fortunately for Ardmona, this week, four mates from Melbourne will be signing their clearance papers and will be taking the field against Violet Town which incidentally, is the club’s best chance of a win in years. Violet Town’s reserves lost last weekend to Stanhope by 330 points, considerably more than the 199 points the Cats went down by.

“We’ve had a bloke from Queensland get in touch with us and offer to come and play a game, and we’ve also got a group of mates coming up from Melbourne this week to help us out” president Tim Magann said.

Let’s be honest, turning up every week to get pantsed by 300 points would be as enjoyable as a colonoscopy, but it hasn’t deterred Tim, the players or the volunteers. Week in, week out, they are all fronting up for their roles, be it that as a player, a coach, a volunteer or a fan. They are, without a shadow of doubt, the most spirited, hard-working and resilient people in country footy.

And despite the absolute beltings, Ardmona has still managed to avoid forfeiting a single game in any of the three divisions this season. A feat many other clubs have failed to achieve.

“Fielding all three sides this season was always the goal anything over that will be a bonus” said Magann.

The new signings have capped off a bumper few months for the Cats and they strive for that magical win number one. If you, or anyone you know wants to help the Ardmona out, please drop them a message hereΒ 


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