There was no gift wrapping, but a Sportsbet punter has turned his $1 multi into a whopping $69,196.54.

The punter cobbled together a 12-leg NBA multi and successfully picked 10 of those winners, but made the smart decision to cash out.

There was a real sweat for him in the Chicago Bulls clash with the Washington Wizards. The Bulls were 18 points down in the fourth quarter and fought back to win in overtime.

In the two remaining NBA legs he had the San Antonio Spurs, 1-10, to beat the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers to beat Houston Rockets by 1-10.

He decided to cash out today, about half way through the Spurs game and before the Clippers game.

If the punter chose not to cash out his payout could have been $717,666.99, but he made the right decision, as the Spurs won by 13 points.



-Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards — Bulls 1-10 (W): $2.99

-Toronto Raptors @ Detroit Pistons — Raptors +11 (W): $4.05

-Charlotte Hornets @ Cleveland Cavaliers — Cavaliers 1-10 (W): $2.77

-Miami Heat @ Philadelphia 76ers — Heat 1-10 (W): $4.85

-Memphis Grizzlies @ OKC Thunder — Thunder 1-10 (W): $2.69

-Boston Celtics @ Dallas Mavericks — Celtics 1-10 (W): $2.90

-Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers — Trail Blazers 1-10 (W): $2.77

-Utah Jazz @ Atlanta Hawks — Jazz 1-10 (W): $2.72

-Orlando Magic @ Denver Nuggers — Nuggets 1-10 (W): $2.80

-New Orleans Pelicans @ Minnesota Timberwolves — Pelicans 1-10 (W): $3.52

-Houston Rockets @ LA Clippers — Clippers 1-10 (Cash out)

-Brooklyn Nets @ San Antonio Spurs — Spurs 1-10 (Cash out)

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