New Sportsbet cricket video GRUBS XI – out now!

It's the biggest target they'll ever chase...


Get ready for a ‘Broken f*cking arm’ as Australia’s favourite local cricket battlers the East Garden Grubs take on their toughest opponent to date in an enthralling tale of cricket, cordial and cyber espionage GRUBS XI

After a particularly disastrous defeat forces the team into action it’s a race against the run-rate as the Grubs, led from the front by their dependable and deceptively quick Skipper, embark on an epic quest of erasing their sub-par performances from the statistical website My Cricket.

Can the Grubs chase down an unlikely victory?

How will they bypass the solid defence of the feared Night Watchman?

And, will AJ be able to secure a lift home afterwards?

Watch below to find out!


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