Survivor Ep 1: The Russell & Steve Show


Australian Survivor returned to Channel Ten with a bang last night as the ‘Champions’ took on the ‘Contenders.’

Matt, the traffic cop from Queensland was the first to bite the dust after inexplicably panicking and digging his own grave at Tribal Council.

His move kept Steve, the quirky, Redfoo-style-glasses-wearing idol hunter safe for another day when it looked like he was all but gone.

A few thoughts on Episode 1

*Lots of love on social media for host Jonathan LaPaglia, who seems to have cemented his spot as the Australian version of Jeff Probst. Steve in fact, called LaPaglia ‘Jeff’ at Tribal Council.

*The appearance of Russell Hantz – veteran of three US Survivor series – polarised Twitter between those who loved seeing the Super Villain and those who didn’t quite know who he was.

*Hantz, who somehow found an idol on Day 1, is already playing the bad guy to the hilt, criticising his fellow players and cavorting around in a fedora and cowboy boots.

*Steve went from zero to hero, initially copping flack for his blatant idol-searching just a few minutes into the game. But he has a unique approach to life and as the night wore on, more and more fans on social media (us included) wanted him to stick around.

*A few Twitter comments about ex-AFL star Brian Lake ‘being in a good paddock.’ However, the 3-time Premiership player was never a model of fitness even when he played, and has already shown his nous with a clever defensive move that helped him win a one-on-one against towering 7-footer Heath.

*Damien, the ex-Special Forces Commando had already earned the respect of his fellow tribemates for his services to the country, but then blew everyone away with his throwing, which would have made any cricketer or baseballer proud.

*You get the feeling there is plenty more to come with Steve ‘Commando’ Willis.

*Wonder if Samuel has ‘Supernova Cosmologist’ on his business cards?

*61-year old Shane Gould was impressive early on and she’s currently the favourite to win:

$4.00 – Shane Gould
$6.50 – Mat Rogers
$7.00 – Brian Lake
$8.00 – Steve ‘Commando’ Willis
$12.00 – Russell Hantz
Odds subject to change, all Australian Survivor markets here.

What do you think?