49ers/Vikings Fast Five Reaction


1. Vikings played their Super Bowl last week. How many times have we seen a team pull off a remarkable upset, then fold their tent the following week? The Vikings went to New Orleans, stunned the Saints, then had to travel across the country to play the NFC’s #1 seed coming off a bye week.

2. Numbers don’t lie. San Francisco dominated Minnesota in nearly every phase of the game:

*68 total plays to 45.
*21 first downs to 7.
*308 total yards to 121.
*186 rushing yards to 21.

3. Levi’s was rocking. A few years ago, the home of the Niners was meme material with thousands of empty seats. Today it was full and full of noise. Next week’s NFC Championship game will be a madhouse.

4. The Bay Area’s team? Speaking of the 49er fanbase, with the Oakland Raiders heading to Las Vegas next year, expect a fair few fans – not the hardcore Black Hole types mind you – to jump on the 49ers’ bandwagon, especially if they win the Super Bowl.

5. The Vikings were who we thought they were. Once Dalvin Cook was shut down, Minnesota had to rely on the dropback passing of Kirk Cousins. The Niner defense pounced and the relatively immobile Cousins was sacked six times and forced into predictable throws. Stefon Diggs caught an early touchdown pass, but wasn’t much of a factor, while Adam Thielen caught seven balls but seemed to be hampered by that midweek injury.


What do you think?