5 NFL Draft Markets To Look At


Let’s be honest, unless something crazy happens, the Cincinnati Bengals are going to take Joe Burrow with the #1 pick in the NFL draft.

Burrow is the best quarterback in the draft, he’s an Ohio kid and he’s the perfect choice for a struggling team to start a rebuild around.

Chase Young is all but assured of going to the Washington Redskins at #2. Young is an incredible athlete and a super talent, who most think will have a long NFL career.

Pick #3 is where things get interesting.

The Detroit Lions are up and while most projections have them taking Ohio State defensive back Jeff Okudah, it’s not a foregone conclusion.

There’s a train of thought that says the Lions could trade down with Miami or the LA Chargers, allowing either of those teams to pick either Tua Tagovialoa or Justin Herbert.

Then the Lions could grab Okudah – or even Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons – further down the order.

Here are five Sportsbet markets to look at ahead of Friday’s draft:

1. Who goes at #3?

No doubt Detroit wants a defensive player, but will they take one at #3? No defensive back has gone in the top 3 since 1997 and while Okudah is probably the safe pick, the Lions could do some draft day maneuvering.

Number 3 Overall Pick
$2.10 Jeff Okudah
$4.33 Justin Herbert
$4.50 Tua Tagovailoa


2. Who goes 1-2-3 in exact order?

Only an earth-shattering offer could cause any movement in the #1 and #2 spot, but what happens at #3 affects this bet.

First 3 Picks – Exact Order
$2.37 Burrow/Young/Okudah
$3.30 Burrow/Young/Tagovailova
$4.50 Burrow/Young/Herbert


3. Who picks Justin Herbert?

There’s so much conjecture around Justin Herbert depending on what you read and who you believe. Early on, the Oregon quarterback as projected to go anywhere from #6 to #23, but lately it looks like Herbert could even go as high as #3 if Miami trades up.

Team to Draft Justin Herbert
$1.83 Miami
$2.40 LA Chargers
$11.00 New England


4. Who picks CeeDee Lamb?

The Oklahoma star is considered the best receiver in the draft and the intrigue could start around pick #11, depending on what the Jets do. Most mock drafts have Lamb going to the Las Vegas Raiders at #12, with the 49ers at #13 and the Broncos at #15 also potentially looking to add a wideout.

Team to Draft CeeDee Lamb
$4.50 Las Vegas
$4.50 NY Jets
$4.50 San Francisco
$5.50 Denver


5. Who picks Jordan Love?

The Utah State quarterback is considered a diamond in the rough and the third best QB prospect in the draft. He’s been the subject of plenty of rumours, including the possibility that either the Patriots (pick #23) or Saints (pick #24) will move up to take him.

Team to Draft Jordan Love
$4.00 Jacksonville
$4.50 Indianapolis
$6.50 Las Vegas
$6.50 New England
$6.50 New Orleans


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