Chiefs/Texans Fast Five Reaction


1. Crazy game. We saw one of the wildest first halves of football in NFL history as the Texans raced to a 24-0 lead and had Twitter buzzing not only about a Houston/Tennessee AFC title game but how Andy Reid was choking again in the playoffs. Then the Chiefs came back with 34 points in a row and ran out to a 51-31 win. The game had a little bit of everything: big plays, good and bad special teams play, terrible coaching decisions (more on that later) and of course, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ high-powered offense (and the defense) coming to life.

2. The Second Quarter Explosion. Three touchdowns in three and a half minutes helped the Chiefs escape a 24-0 deficit and lead 28-24 at halftime.

3. Houston’s disastrous ‘Don’t Gamble, Then Gamble’ decision. With the score 21-0 and a fourth and one, the Texans decided to play it safe and kick the field goal. Later, up 24-7, Bill O’Brien went for a fake punt on fourth down and it failed, leading to another Chiefs score. Those two decisions arguably changed the momentum of the game.

4. Twitter crushed Bill O’Brien. The Houston head coach has been criticised in the past for his in-game decisions. He gave them more ammunition today.

5. Thanks Miami! The Super Bowl is in Miami and if the Chiefs make it, they owe the Dolphins a debt of gratitude for their Week 17 defeat of New England that handed Kansas City the #2 seed. Ironically, if the Patriots had won that game, the Chiefs and Titans would have met on Wild Card weekend. Now they’re playing for the AFC title.


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