How Watchable Is Your NFL Team?


Today we pose the question not how good your NFL team is, but how watchable it is?

There are many things that make an NFL team watchable. Some are positive – talented playmakers, record-setting quarterbacks, solid defenses – while some are more negative, yet still compelling.

Things like coaches who mis-manage games, quarterbacks who can’t hit a target or teams that specialise in blowing fourth quarter leads can all make a team exciting to watch.

After five weeks of play, here are the 32 teams ranked in order of watchability.

The top 10

1 Rams
Super exciting offense, solid defense and the best young coach in the business.

2 Chiefs
Mahomes. Hill. Creativity on offense. The possibility of Andy Reid mis-managing a game. What’s not to like?

3 Browns
Compelling viewing every week, especially if you’ve seen Hard Knocks. Who doesn’t want Baker Mayfield and Co. to succeed?

4 Saints
Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and a supercharged offense, plus the zaniest fans in the NFL.

5 Chargers
Philip Rivers is always entertaining and few teams know how to blow a game like the Chargers.

6 Bengals
Used to be watchable to see how many unsportsmanlike conduct flags they’d get, now they’re just plain watchable.

7 Panthers
Cam Newton at his best, plus Christian McCaffrey and ‘Riverboat Ron’ Rivera coaching makes for some quality viewing.

8 Steelers
No Le’Veon Bell has hurt their watchability factor, but Big Ben and Antonio Brown can still deliver.

9 Bears
Fun young team…and Khalil Mack makes the defense as good as any in the league.

10 Seahawks
Whether it’s ‘trainwreck TV’ with Pete Carroll or watching the electric Russell Wilson, the Hawks are worth a look.

Somewhat Watchable

11 Packers
Aaron Rodgers makes the Pack worth watching. And after missing five kicks, maybe Mason Crosby does too.

12 Eagles
Have started slowly but once Carson Wentz gets back on track, they should be entertaining again.

13 Patriots
Always intriguing, not necessarily exciting. And of course, there’s ol’ Smiley Belichick.

14 Lions
Can put up some points…but can also settle for field goals like few others can.

15 Vikings
Should be better once Cousins settles in. He will, won’t he?

16 Raiders
Plenty of entertainment value in Jon Gruden’s anguished face.

17 Texans
Decent value: Watson scrambling, Hopkins catching, O’Brien bumbling.

Tough Viewing

18 Falcons
Would be higher if they had a decent offensive coordinator.

19 Colts
Better than expected – Andrew Luck can still provide some quality.

20 Buccaneers
The Fitzmagic Era is probably over, so not nearly as much excitement.

21 Broncos
Some good rookie runners and Von Miller, but hard to get excited about Case Keenum.

22 Jaguars
If you like watching good D and a predictable O, this is your team.

Hard to Stomach

23 Ravens
Difficult to watch for about a decade.

24 Giants
At least Saquon and OBJ are worth watching. But that’s about it.

25 Jets
Could easily move up with more efforts like last week’s win over Denver.

26 Redskins
Alex Smith more of a game manager and AP well past his prime.

27 Titans
At least their uniforms look better.

28 Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill running the show – need I say more?

What Else Is On?

29 Cowboys
Predictable. Inefficient. Ugly.

30 49ers
Loss of Jimmy Garoppolo has really hurt them.

31 Cardinals
Josh Rosen will be fun to watch…in a year or two.

32 Bills
Somehow they’ve won two games, but watching them is a real grind.

What do you think?