Monday Afternoon Quarterback


1 The Notorious RF Is On A Roll

It was a ‘given’ that Tampa Bay was going to be bad and Ryan Fitzpatrick was a journeyman stopgap measure until Jameis Winston got his (bad) act together. Right? So here’s what’s actually gone down. The Bucs have won their first two games over division favourites New Orleans and Philadelphia, and Fitzpatrick has had back-to-back games with 400 yards+ passing. Even better, he borrowed a few of teammate DeSean Jackson’s things to meet the media.

2 All About Wins And Losses – Oh And Ties

All you soccer-hating NFL fans take note: there were no draws in the English Premier League this weekend, but for the second week in a row, the NFL had a tie. Green Bay and Minnesota finished 29-29 after misses from both kickers, although Minnesota’s Daniel Carlson might be looking for a new gig after his two-miss performance.

3 Mahomes’ Record Setting Start

Count yours truly among those who weren’t sure Patrick Mahomes was ready to step into the starting role at Kansas City, but he’s made a mockery of sceptics with a stunning first two weeks. The 22-year old has already thrown 10 touchdown passes and both were on the road. His 6 TD effort today was the most ever allowed by the Steelers at home.

4 Yep, The Browns are cursed

After an unlucky tie with Pittsburgh last week, the Browns went into New Orleans and tied the favoured Saints with just over a minute on the clock…

And then in true Browns’ fashion, Zane Gonzalez missed the extra point, the Saints kicked a field goal and then Gonzales missed another field goal that would have tied it. Ouch.

5 Jets Overhyped? Who’d a thunk it

Of course the New York media went overboard after the Jets destroyed a bad Lions team on Monday night. And of course the Jets crashed back to earth with a loss at home to the Dolphins, who might actually be a decent ball club.

6 Pats Fans R U Ok?

In a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game, the Jaguars laid the wood on the Patriots and made Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Co. look, well, ordinary. Is it time to panic in Pat Land? Probably not, but as the season goes on, this could be one of those ‘passing the torch’ moments.

7 Vontae Davis retires at halftime

How bad are things in Buffalo? So bad that Vontae Davis retired at halftime. Decided not to come back out for the second half.

Before you accuse him of being a quitter, however, he issued a statement later that explained his situation and it makes perfect sense…especially with a team as bad as Buffalo.

8 Arizona Has No Offense (Or Defense)

Most people thought Arizona would be bad. I’m not sure the realised how bad. In two losses, the Cardinals have been outscored 58-6. Today they were thoroughly dominated 34-0 by the Rams.

9 The New Titans Uniforms are 🔥

From arguably the worst uniforms in the league – powder blue with a helmet decal that looked like a junior high kid designed it – the Titans are suddenly among the league’s best looking teams. The logo is still dodgy but it looks way better on those dark helmets. New head coach Mike Vrabel got his first win today, too.

10 The NFC East Is U-G-L-Y

It’s a three-way tie atop the NFC East, with Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington all 1-1. None of them have been impressive, while the Giants at 0-2 are really in search of an identity.


There’s one game left, the Monday Night Football game between Chicago and Seattle, with the Bears, the home team, a 5-point favourite. Markets for that game here.

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