Monday Afternoon Quarterback


1 Gamble Fails For The Colts

First year Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich gambled and lost today by going for it on 4th and short in near midfield late in overtime. When the Colts failed, the Texans completed a quick pass, spiked the ball and kicked the game-winning field goal. Afterward, Reich said “I’m not playing to tie” and his players backed him up. Still, a puzzling decision to most of us watching.

2 But It works for the Titans

The Titans aren’t pretty (although their new uniforms are sweet) but they’re 3-1 after an OT upset of the Eagles. Like the Colts, the Titans gambled on a fourth down play instead of kicking, but they made the yardage and ended up winning on Marcus Mariota’s TD pass to Corey Davis.

3 We May Never Hear The Word ‘Fitzmagic’ Again in Our Lifetime

It was a great two-week run, but the magic is truly gone for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bucs, who were crushed by Chicago 48-10. Jameis Winston will more than likely be the starter from here on out, but that doesn’t really alter the fact that the clock has struck midnight and the Bucs are turning back into the average team we thought they were.

4 New England Win(x)

Only Winx was a surer thing than New England ending a two-game losing streak. All of last week’s negative takes were obliterated with a 38-7 thrashing of Miami today.

5 Free Josh Rosen

The rookie QB got the start today for Arizona and was impressive in a heartbreaking loss to Seattle. Rosen was 15 of 27 for 180 yards and a TD, and was universally praised despite a less-than-creative offense and a receiving corps that struggled to catch the ball.

6 The Lions Need A Fashion Consultant

Not sure who convinced the Detroit Lions that an all-grey uniform was the way to go. Although I suppose the bland combo is a perfect look for a team that has only played three (and lost three) playoff games since 2000.

7 How did the Browns lose that?

Despite moving the ball all day behind Baker Mayfield, Cleveland coughed up a 14-point lead and lost to the Raiders in overtime. Mayfield will be a star, but now that the Browns know they can win a game, they have to figure out how to put a game away.

8 Who Would Be A Falcons Fan?

Two years removed from a Super Bowl they should have won, the Falcons continue to torment their fan base with close losses. Today’s 1-point defeat at the hands of Cincinnati comes on the heels of last week’s OT loss to the Saints.

9 Steelers Losing Touch With the Pack

Baltimore’s win over Pittsburgh means the Ravens are 3-1 and atop the NFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers – the pre-season pick to win the division – are tied with the Browns at 1-2-1 and looking like a hot mess, with the Le’Veon Bell situation affecting things off and on the field. To be fair, though, Bell doesn’t play defense and that’s a big problem in Pittsburgh.

10 Earl Thomas Situation Is Brutal

Thomas held out for a contract extension, but the Seahawks wouldn’t budge. He showed up and played, picking off three passes in the first week but today was carted off with a fractured leg. Now he’s likely to miss the rest of the season and will have little bargaining power coming off rehab. The whole mess can be summed up in the photo of Thomas flipping the bird to the Seattle sideline.

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