5 Eli Manning’s O-Line

The Giants have two incredible weapons in Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr, but they also have a porous offensive line that is giving Eli Manning – never the most mobile guy on the planet – no time at all.

4 The Cards & The Bills

These two teams look far and away to be the worst teams in the NFL. In two games, the Cardinals have scored a total of six points, while the Bills have been outscored 78-23.

3 Problems In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the NFL’s most storied – and stable – franchises. But this season has been a nightmare, most of it starting with Le’Veon Bell’s holdout which has created friction in the locker room. After a frustrating loss to the Chiefs (following a frustrating draw with the Browns), a tweet from Antonio Brown sent Steeler-land into meltdown…

Brown’s agent quickly dismissed the tweet as a ‘reply to someone he knows’ but whether or not it was serious, there are still major issues as Mike Tomlin prepares his troops for a trick visit to surprising Tampa Bay.

2 Ties

There were no ties in the 2017 season, but two in the first two weeks of 2018…and people aren’t happy.

Fans and critics are suddenly clamouring for the NFL to change its overtime to the college system – which guarantees a winner – but the reality is poor coaching, poor officiating and poor kicking (see #1) are to blame.

1 Kickers

A total of 19 kicks were missed in Week 2, with two placekickers losing their jobs. The Vikings cut Daniel Carlson – who they used a fifth round draft pick on – after he missed three field goals, while the Browns axed Zane Gonzalez, who missed two field goals and two extra points.

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