They Actually Played Super Bowls Here


Although the Super Bowl site shifts from year to year, the host cities all have one thing in common – a big, shiny stadium.

This year, Super Bowl LIV will be played in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium – the 11th time Miami has hosted the game – and the venue known under six former names, including Joe Robbie Stadium has undergone extensive renovations.

Future sites include Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the evergreen Superdome in New Orleans and of course, the still-under-construction SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

But before the Super Bowl became the mega-entertainment spectacle it’s become today, it was played in some rather ordinary – by today’s standards at least – venues. Here’s a look at four Super Bowl stadiums that no longer exist and one that has been re-purposed.

1. Orange Bowl

Where: Miami, Florida
First opened: 1937
Demolished: 2008
Super Bowls hosted: II (1968), III (1969), V (1971), X (1976) and XIII (1979)
Famous for: Site of the greatest upset in Super Bowl history when the Joe Namath-led Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in 1969.
Did you know: Scenes from Any Given Sunday and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective were filmed here.

2. Tulane Stadium

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana
First opened: 1926
Demolished: 1980
Super Bowls hosted: IV (1970), VI (1972), IX (1975)
Famous for: Three franchises (Kansas City, Dallas, Pittsburgh) got their first Super Bowl wins in this stadium.
Did you know: It was the original home of college football’s Sugar Bowl, which gets its name from the former sugar plantation that the Tulane University campus was built on.

3. Tampa Stadium

Where: Tampa, Florida
First opened: 1967
Demolished: 1999
Super Bowls hosted: XVIII (1984), XXV (1991)
Famous for: Site of the infamous Scott Norwood ‘wide right’ miss that preserved the Giants 20-19 win over Buffalo.
Did you know: The longtime home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was nicknamed ‘The Big Sombrero.’

4. Silverdome

Where: Pontiac, Michigan
First opened: 1975
Demolished: 2017 (actually took two attempts)
Super Bowls hosted: XVI (1982)
Famous for: San Francisco 49ers won their first of five Super Bowls here.
Did you know: The Silverdome’s record attendance was 93,173 for Wrestlemania in 1987.

5. Rice Stadium

Where: Houston, Texas
First opened: 1950
Currently: Still in use by Rice University, though capacity has been reduced from 70,000 to 47,000.
Super Bowls hosted: VIII (1974)
Famous for: Miami Dolphins won their second Super Bowl in a row, beating Minnesota 24-7.
Did you know: John F. Kennedy gave his famous ‘why we go to the moon’ speech here in 1962.

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