Updated NFL Draft Markets


First 3 Picks – Exact Order

Safe Option: 1. Joe Burrow 2. Chase Young 3.  Jeff Okudah ($2.50)

This is the top three most have been predicting for awhile now. There’s no way Cincinnati is not taking Burrow, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of LSU. It’s highly unlikely Washington does anything other than take Young, an astonishingly good defensive player at #2. And unless Detroit cuts a deal with Miami or the Chargers, they will most likely take defensive back Okudah at #3.

Value: 1. Joe Burrow 2. Chase Young 3. Justin Herbert ($6.00)

If you think Miami might trade up to the #3 spot, then you’ve got this option, with the Dolphins taking Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert or even Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa at $4.50.


Number 3 Overall Pick

Safe Option: Jeff Okudah ($2.50)

The Ohio State DB is the man the Detroit Lions want and there’s a good chance they stay put and take him at #3 rather than trading down.

Value: Tua Tagovailoa ($4.50) or Justin Herbert ($5.50)

Like the first market, if you think the Dolphins (or less likely, the Chargers) are going to trade up to make sure they get their man, either Tua or Herbert might be the go. Which one? Depends on what you read.


Team to Draft CeeDee Lamb

Safe Option: Las Vegas Raiders ($4.00) or New York Jets ($4.50)

Many mock drafts have Lamb as the first wide receiver picked, going to the Raiders – who are in need of a wideout – at #12 or possibly to the Jets a pick earlier at #11.

Value: Arizona Cardinals ($8.00)

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is lobbying for the team to select his fellow Oklahoma Sooner and can you imagine a wide receiving corps that includes Lamb, DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald?


Roger Goodell’s Tie Colour on Day 1

Safe Option: Blue ($3.25)

The Commish has worn blue or a blue-striped tie for at least the past three drafts. It’s a conservative colour that he obviously likes, so why change things?

Value: No tie ($24.00)

Given this is a virtual draft and Goodell will be hosting out of his own basement, why not go casual and lose the suit and tie?


What do you think?