Who would’ve thought we’d be betting on the weather?

weather betting


“How about this weather we’re having?” If it’s too hot, too cold, just right, windy, rainy, blizzardy or anywhere in between, shooting the breeze about the weather remains the ultimate small talk go-to, rescuing awkward silences for generations.

In the current coronavirus situation – which has limited Australians’ opportunities to make the most of the mild autumn conditions – the weather is helping fill the gap for sports-starved punters, with Sportsbet’s range of novelty markets exploding in popularity.

Weather markets: what punters need to know

Admit it: you fancy yourself as a bit of a weather expert. Everyone does.

Well, Sportsbet’s daily weather markets provide an opportunity to prove it. Temperature band and over/under markets for each Australian state capital, and odd/even temperature markets for Sydney and Melbourne, are on offer every day.

Temperature bands

Sportsbet’s temperature band markets focus on the temperature at a set time each day, rather than the daily high. That time is set at 1pm for Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart (AEST), which means it’s 12.30pm local time for Darwin and Adelaide (ACST), and 11am for Perth (AWST).

Betting options for each capital city are split into several temperature bands of 1 degree Celsius increments. The bands are city-specific, so naturally they’ll be higher in balmy Darwin than cool Canberra at this time of the year.

The winning temperature is settled via the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) weather station’s official reading at the set time.

So channel your inner Livinia Nixon or Jane Bunn, peruse the weather tips and place a temperature band bet.

Overs and unders

The equivalent of total points betting on sports matches, the daily weather markets also include an over/under temperature option for capital cities (1pm for eastern capitals, 12.30pm for Darwin and Adelaide, and 11am for Perth, as determined by BoM weather station official reading).

The temperature line will be set every day for each capital city – simply bet on whether the BoM reading will be over or under that line.

Brisbane enjoys an April average temperature of 21.3C; Sydney’s April average is a comfortable 18.4C; Canberra sits at a brisk 13.4C; it’s a daily one-layer-or-two conundrum in Melbourne in April, with an average temperature of 15.3C; Hobart is the nation’s chilliest capital in April at 13.1C; Darwin residents are still sweating it out at 28.1C; Adelaide’s a comfortable 16.9C; and those in Perth can cruise through April with an average temp of 19.6C.

 Odds and evens

This is one for the punters who are more likely to throw down on the red-or-black option at the roulette table than play the numbers.

The daily odd/even market focuses on Australia’s two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. With the outcome once again decided by the official weather station reading from the good folk at the BoM, you simply wager on whether the temperature’s first decimal place will be odd or even at a given time.

There are six separate odd/even markets available each day for Sydney and Melbourne, which occur on the hour from midday through to 5pm.

While sporting codes and competitions continue to navigate a period of unprecedented uncertainty due to COVID-19, punters can take comfort in Sportsbet’s novelty markets. Because whether it’s scorching or sub zero, blazing or bitter, there’s always the weather.

Sportsbet has weather odds and weather betting options available on daily temperatures in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. Bet now.

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