It’s not just the kitchen that’s heating up on MasterChef. Betting has opened and Victorian contestants are leading the charge!

Victorian stay-at-home mum Denise Valdez has opened as the $5.50 favourite to win the tenth season of MasterChef.

Fellow Victorian, Genene Dwyer, is $6.00 equal second favourite alongside with South Australian prison officer Sashi Cheliah.

New South Wales will be well represented with 10 cooks, the highest placed in the market is Ben Borsht on $7.00 alongside Queenslander Aldo Ortado.

At 19 years-old Jessica Liemantra ($14) is the youngest contestant.

Jenny Lam, Brendan Pang and Khan Ong are the $36 outsiders.

MasterChef Outright Winner 2018
$5.50   Denise Valdez
$6.50   Genene Dwyer
$6.50   Sashi Cheliah
$7.00   Aldo Ortado
$7.00   Ben Borsht
$8.00   Gina Ottaway
$8.00   Sarah Clare
$10      Tim Talam
$12      Jo Kendray
$12      Kristen Sheffield
$14      Jess Liementara
$14      Metter Chin
$16      Chloe Carroll
$16      Brett McGrath
$18      Loki Madireddi
$18      Lisa Diep
$21      Reece Hignell
$21      Adele Elliott
$28      Hoda Kobeissi
$31      Michelle Walsh
$31      Samira Damirova
$36      Jenny Lam
$36      Brendan Pang
$36      Khanh Ong


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