Bookie believes Buzz’s alien claims


We’ve slashed its price for Earth to make contact with extra-terrestrial life from $51 into $26 off the back of legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin passing a lie-detector test over claims he saw an alien spacecraft en route to the moon.

Four other astronauts also passed the lie-detector test on the matter which points to one big conspiracy theory or the truth! It’s over a week too late for April fools so we figured it must be the latter so we’ve opened betting markets on where the Aliens will touch down first down under.

Darwin better dust off their welcome mat, they’re the $8.00 favourite to welcome in Alien life followed by Uluru ($15) and Melbourne ($36).

Perth has been the best backed at $501 to welcome in Alien life, attracting over 20% of the wagers. That’s some seriously great value for punters and by far is the worst result for us!

You can bet on Alien Existence here. 

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