Mixed Feelings As Villain Russell Is Voted Out


Well so much for the ‘greatest player to have ever played the game.’ The self-proclaimed King, Russell Hantz, was sent packing last night on the second night of Australian Survivor.

To make matters worse, the arrogant American went home with an immunity idol in his pocket. His departure was heartily applauded by many on social media.

Hardcore fans of the series, however, weren’t so ecstatic, as they realised the show’s most intriguing character is gone and the Aussie Champions and Contenders now have to lift their social games to keep things interesting.

One of the themes running through social media last night was the fact that Aussies don’t put up with the kind of BS and aggressiveness that Hantz (and other US Survivor characters – think Johnny Fairplay, Richard Hatch) tend to throw out.

And while that’s certainly true, the flip side is that the Aussie players might just be too nice (bland?) to keep things as edgy and wild as they tend to be in the American version.

A Few Thoughts On Episode 2

*Hantz deciding not to play his idol (along with a million personality traits) is what ultimately cost him. He contended that it was the right play since he would have been voted off at the next Tribal Council, but that’s debatable. I think it was Confucius that said ‘He or she who has an idol must not hold onto it.’

*Jackie made the decision to hide the fact that she is a professional poker player. Like Henry, the builder who pretended to be a yoga instructor, she is billing herself as a Rubik’s Cube champion. Let’s hope she’s good at puzzles.

*The show opened with a fair bit of male nudity, something you would never see on the American version of Survivor. Last night’s skinny dipping scenes would have resulted in 75% of the screen blurred out in the US.

*Keep an eye out for: the movement to oust Damien, the war hero double amputee was an interesting one.

*Humblebrag Alert: When asked what he did, Brian Lake casually mentioned how he won three Premierships in three years.

*Mat Rogers, already starring in challengers, is starting to assert himself as a voice of wisdom as well.

*Despite Russell’s bid to get her out, Shane Gould is still the favourite to win.

$2.00 – Shane Gould
$2.50 – Sharne Coombs
$11.00 – Brian Lake
$13.00 – Mat Rogers
$15.00 – Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, Moana Hope
Odds subject to change, all Australian Survivor markets here.

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