Punters tied up in knots as betting on ScoMo’s tie intensifies

ScoMo's tie


Interest in novelty betting markets has soared since the coronavirus crash-tackled virtually every major sporting competition. And given Prime Minister Scott Morrison is getting more live TV airtime than every footballer in Australia put together at present, why not delve into ScoMo tips, ScoMo odds and ScoMo bets? Or, more specifically, wagering on his wardrobe.

Morrison edged out Peter Dutton in a Liberal Party leadership spill to become Australia’s 30th Prime Minister – succeeding Malcolm Turnbull – back in August 2018. He survived a cliffhanger federal election in May 2019, but it’s fair to say ScoMo’s last six months have been his most challenging in office.

An ill-timed, unannounced family holiday to Hawaii as Australia plunged into its catastrophic Black Summer saw the media and general public turn the screws on our affable, dorky PM. Subsequent bumbling public appearances in bushfire-stricken areas did little to ease the pressure. With barely time to catch his breath, Morrison has had to navigate the nation through the coronavirus crisis – the biggest health and economic threat Australia, and the world, has confronted in a century.

Like him or loathe him, there’s no denying Scott Morrison’s got a tough gig.

But ScoMo is soldiering on through these uncertain times, getting out front and centre to brave the media barrage at regular press conferences. Consequently, Sportsbet has opened a daily market for the colour of Scott Morrison’s tie at his next nationally televised presser.

Before taking a punt on what shade of cloth ScoMo is going to whip into a Windsor, check out his recent fashion history.

Bolt from the blue

It’s hard to go wrong with blue. Classic. Timeless. Uncontroversial. Liberal. A solid choice every time.

In psychology, blue is associated with calmness, tranquility, peacefulness, traditionality, security and orderliness – all handy qualities for an under-the-pump PM to project.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been ScoMo’s go-to colour. In 31 televised public appearances published on Scott Morrison’s official Facebook page since 23 February, his perpetually white shirts have been accompanied by a blue tie on 15 occasions.

Since 18 March, he has not gone with a non-blue tie on consecutive days. He went with back-to-back blue three times during that period.

Intriguingly, Morrison has ignored blues of the royal and navy variety – his ties have been exclusively in the sky-blue realm. That could be a nod to his beloved Cronulla Sharks, the NRL club of which ScoMo is the number one ticketholder. In fact, the only tie in recent times to feature stripes – worn during a post-COAG press conference on 13 March – looked like it had come straight from the Sharks’ merch catalogue.

At the time of writing, ScoMo making his next appearance in a blue tie is the $2.75 favourite – enormous value.

The shades of ScoMo

Purple ties are Morrison’s comfortable second favourite, and he has worn them eight times in his past 31 appearances. He came out of the Easter break in a purple-toned burgundy number – his clear preference, shying away from grape, lavender, violet or mauve shades – after a two-week absence of purple ties.

One purple-adjacent tie a week is typically ScoMo’s M.O. – and it’s currently on the second line of betting at $4.

Morrison doesn’t mind a silver/grey tie either, busting one out three times in the past seven weeks for a change of pace. It’s a risk-free, fresh look and a $5 chance in the ScoMo tie market.

When he’s feeling a bit flashier, the PM has wowed his constituents with a gold/yellow tie. And there may be a hidden message. Morrison has chosen the colour three times in the past two months – twice when he announced an economic stimulus, and the third when he revealed a child-care package to support workers and businesses.

When ScoMo splashes the cash, he goes for gold. Punters doing likewise can get on at a juicy $6.50.

Then there’s a garish orange tie that was a regular fixture during 2019 but mercifully has not been sighted since 6 March. Surely a gift he felt too guilty not to wear, it belongs in the dark depths of the closet. The unfortunate piece of apparel (or one of a similar colour) is $26 to make a comeback.

Colour me political

Despite avoiding anything emerald, olive, seafoam, shamrock, lime or mint in the necktie department recently, ScoMo is just $8 at the time of writing to turn up in a green tie – on the same line of betting as red, which of course has undesirable Labor Party connotations.

Other options on the palette include sombre black ($18), daring pink ($18) and dreary brown ($41), all out-of-character choices Morrison seems unlikely to make anytime soon.

The left-field bolter in the ScoMo tie market is the no-tie/bowtie option at $41. A bowtie would be a weird (if amusing), but highly unlikely choice. He last went tieless in a press conference at the RAAF Base Tindal near Katherine, NT, on 21 February.

But given current COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing measures, Morrison is unlikely to be visiting rural centres anytime soon. While he remains city-bound, expect ScoMo to keep it formal.

Novelty betting markets are keeping sports-starved punters entertained during an unprecedented period of upheaval – and the ScoMo tie stakes are proving immensely popular. Whether he’s playing it safe in blue, stepping out in gold or rolling the dice with a new colour, rarely have the general population been so eager to see a PM on our screens.

Sportsbet has Scott Morrison betting options, Scott Morrison odds and Scott Morrison tips available on our daily ScoMo tie market. Bet now.

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