Top 10 Sports Tweets of 2018


Twitter can be a torrid old place nowadays.

No one is safe from Russian bots, Trump’s MAGA army, and perpetually angry middle-aged men with an egg as their profile picture. In these dire times, however, the popular platform can (sometimes) be a place to actually enjoy yourself. While the screaming Essendon fans who insist the drugs saga was an Illuminati conspiracy may suggest otherwise, sport is meant to be fun, and funny sport is even…funner.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most amusing tweets of 2018. The list is definitive, and correct. Don’t @ me.

10. Giant Jeremy Cameron gave away a 50m penalty this season for throwing an opposition boot away, but this tops it

9. Pat Cummins doing some nice work on the socials

8. ‘The MRP assesses each case impartially and independently’

7. ‘Boring James Milner’ telling it like it is after two howlers from the Liverpool shot-stopper cost their side the Champions League title

6. You know those impressive banners that European football fans pull over their heads before kickoff? One spectator was having none of it

5. All-round good guy Dylan Alcott doesn’t get the US furore around anthem-kneeling

4. Acclaimed cricket commentator (and usually respectful) Jonathan Agnew telling Piers Morgan what everyone was thinking…

3. England and Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer uncannily depicted on this man’s back…

2. The Grade Cricketer summing up why we hate the game we hate

1. And the winner is Fox Sports Brasil’s take on Germany’s 2-0 defeat to South Korea, which bundled them out of the World Cup. The 7-1 result in 2014 may have still been fresh in the memory…

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