Trump Could Land In A Singapore Slammer


The highly anticipated historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will be taking place in Singapore on June 12th. 

Singapore is known for having tight sanctions that can trip a tourist up, so we’re offering markets on what Trump will get arrested for during his trip.

Obscenity is the obvious favourite at $2.70, but to be chucked in the slammer for carrying a durian ($3.60), chewing gum ($8.00) or for feeding pigeons ($23) have also been touted.

We hope for the sake of the general public that public nudity ($4.33) doesn’t happen but we’re not going to rule it out.

We think it’s more likely that Trump will get done for carrying a durian to cover the smell of his fake tan when he meets Kim Jong-un in Singapore next month.

What will Trump be Arrested for in Singapore?

$2.70   Obscenity

$3.60   Carrying a Durian
$4.33   Public Nudity
$8.00   Chewing Gum
$12      Littering
$18      Busking Without a License
$23      Feeding Pigeons

What do you think?