TRY JULY | Let’s Make the Men Of League Foundation Some Cash!


Attention NRL players…¬†Some creative flair and a fledgling TikTok career has never come in so handy… It’s #TRYJULY time!

Dry July is a bit too hard for us lot, so we’ve fired up the next best thing (which is actually a million times better).

This July, we’ll be donating¬†$5000 to the Men of League Foundation for all fruity NRL post try celebrations – if they make us laugh we’ll up it to¬†$10,000 buckeroos.

As we’re all well aware, the legends down at the Men of League Foundation do a tremendous body of work to provide¬†assistance to those in the rugby league community. Sadly, COVID-19 has had a real negative affect the Men of League Foundation‚Äôs ability to fundraise, due to not being¬†able to hold events.

Together with the NRL and their players, let’s have some fun¬†and¬†we can help make¬†a real difference.

Here’s how this will work:

WHAT?¬†When any NRL player scores a try, they need to bust out a cracking celebration.¬†It can be an individual effort, involve a few players or even the whole¬†team. What a chance to give some joy to those fans who can’t be there we say!

WHY?¬†The Men of League Foundation will receive much needed funds. As we said – we’re pledging¬†$5000 per cheeky try celebration and we’ll up it to¬†$10,000 if we can see the players have made a proper effort!

WHEN? NRL Rounds 8 Р11 (Thursday 2 July to Sunday 26 July)

HOW CAN YOU GET IN INVOLVED?¬†Watch the great game religiously, and if you see any try celebrations during TRY JULY we’d love you to send them into us to feature on our social channels.

Sportsbet reserves the right to judge and determine what constitutes a qualifying try celebration.¬† A try celebration must be memorable, entertaining and intentional ‚Äď something which is beyond what would be expected at an ordinary NRL match.¬†


What do you think?