Biden Marches On…Towards The Nomination?


Joe Biden has continued his remarkable comeback as he won four more states, including Michigan, the state where Bernie Sanders famously beat Hillary Clinton four years ago.

In addition to Michigan, Biden won handily in Idaho, Missisissppi and Missouri. Sanders won North Carolina, with votes in Washington still being counted.


Biden is currently priced at $1.04 to win the Democratic Nomination while Sanders has blown out to 26.00.

Interestingly, Hillary is currently $17.00 to win the nomination.

Biden is $2.10 and Donald Trump $1.80 to win the 2020 Presidential election.

Moving Forward

-Next up are primaries in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio, all states Sanders lost in 2016.

-Biden now has 863 delegates to 710 for Sanders. A total of 1,991 are needed to win the nomination.

-Bidenโ€™s win has garnered the support of former candidate Andrew Yang, who joins Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar in backing the former vice president.

-In addition, the coronavirus epidemic appears to be helping Biden, with polls showing that more Americans trust him in a crisis rather than Sanders.


2020 Democratic nominee

$1.04 Joe Biden

$17.00 Hillary Clinton

$26.00 Bernie Sanders


2020 Presidential election

$1.80 Donald Trump

$2.10 Joe Biden

$34.00 Bernie Sanders


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