Don’t Forget There’s An Election


For many people, the COVID-19 crisis has understandably taken the focus off a number of things, including the fact that there will be a US Presidential election in less than six months time.

It’s yet to be seen when and how the Democratic and Republican conventions – scheduled for July and August respectively – will be held, but it’s a foregone conclusion that the November contest will be between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The two men have begun to wage war on Twitter as the long road to the polls begins in earnest.

Trump, who has set the bar high (low?) for Presidents on social media, is hellbent on attacking both ‘Sleepy Joe’ (his derogatory nickname for Biden) and former President Barack Obama, a longtime target.

Biden, who continues to run his campaign while isolated at home, has released a series of television commercials focussed on the current social and economic woes in the US that he says are being mishandled by Trump. He has also upped his Twitter game.


Trump is currently paying $1.91 to win re-election while Biden is at $2.20 after fighting off a tough challenge from Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

Anyone else – perennial candidate Hillary Clinton ($21), fast-rising star Andrew Cuomo ($36) – is a longshot at best.

Besides who will win in November, the other big question is who will Biden pick as his running mate.

He’s publicly committed to selecting a female Vice President, and the favourites remain two former opponents in the Democratic primaries, Kamala Harris ($2.75) and Amy Klobuchar ($5.00).

The big mover has been Georgia politician Stacey Abrams ($6.00), a capable and ambitious candidate who has incredible fundraising ability. She may not have the government experience, but she’s in the spotlight at the moment.

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