Feel The Bern: Sanders Wins New Hampshire


Bernie Sanders is the Democratic favourite after winning the New Hampshire primary.

Sanders captured more than 25% of the votes, narrowly beating ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg on 24%.

Amy Klobuchar surprisingly finished third with 19.8% while Elizabeth Warren (9.2%) and former frontrunner Joe Biden (8.4%) have their work cut out for them.

Our traders have Sanders at $2.63 to win the Democratic Presidential nomination and $5.50 to win the 2020 Presidential election against Donald Trump ($1.57).


Bernie Sanders: Boosted by winning New Hampshire and growing sentiment that he’s the kind of quirky, unique candidate who could challenge Trump.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $2.63

Pete Buttigieg: After claiming victory in Iowa, ‘Mayor Pete’ was just beaten by Sanders in New Hampshire. Will be feeling confident ahead of next week’s South Carolina primary.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $6.00

Amy Klobuchar: Pre-primary polls showed her in third place among potential New Hampshire voters and that’s how it played out. Still a long shot, but in a good place at the moment, especially given her relatively low national profile.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $20.00


Joe Biden: The former vice president is in big trouble. He’s had heavy losses in the first two races and left New Hampshire early to get a start on South Carolina. His political baggage may be too much to carry against the grassroots appeal of Sanders and Buttigieg.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $10.00

Elizabeth Warren: Doubled her campaign fundraising target, but getting less than 10% of the vote in New Hampshire doesn’t bode well. South Carolina will be a big test.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $41.00

Jury’s Out

Michael Bloomberg: The billionaire former mayor of New York has yet to front up to a debate and has yet to really go full steam ahead into the race. But with Biden struggling, many Democrats see Bloomberg as a centrist option to the far-Left leaning Sanders. He won’t be on the ballot in Nevada or South Carolina, but watch this space.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $3.25

Andrew Yang: The former tech executive won just 2.8% of the New Hampshire vote and has decided to suspend his campaign. He’s unlikely to re-enter.


Markets for the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Markets for the 2020 US Presidential election.

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