And here we go. Yesterday was the countdown to polling by all accounts and we’ve released betting for every seat that will be contested with Labor right now on course to win the election.

The election is just around the corner according to the betting with October now the $1.85 favourite.

Election betting.

We’ve released betting for every individual electorate, all 151 ahead of the looming poll.

Labor, who are the $1.40 favourites to win the election, are expected to win 79 seats with the Coalition favourites in 67.

The Greens, KAP and the Centre Alliance are all expected to win 1 seat each with 2 Independents making up the 151 seat parliament.

Leadership ballot betting.

According to the betting, Labor will pick up ten seats with the Coalition set to lose nine.

Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott are both $1.01 to keep their seats.

Peter Dutton is narrowly tipped to win Dickson at $1.83.

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