No Longer Biden His Time


The Democratic primaries have taken a backseat to the coronavirus outbreak, but things are getting interesting as Joe Biden looks more and more likely to be the man to face Donald Trump in November.

There were three more primaries today – Arizona, Florida and Illinois, with Ohio postponing its – and Biden looks to have won all three states handily.

Biden won easily in Florida (62% to 23% for Sanders) and Illinois (59% to 36%), while the race is slightly closer in Arizona, where the former vice president has a 43% to 30% advantage with just over half the votes counted.

Biden is now paying $1.04 to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, while former frontrunner Bernie Sanders has blown out to $23.00.

Biden and Trump are literally inseparable in the Presidential Election 2020 market, with both currently priced at $2.00.

With no major primaries until April, there is some pressure for Sanders to withdraw from the race and throw his support behind Biden.

Sanders, however, is a unique candidate and his passionate supporters are loyal to a fault. It will more than likely take some serious backroom manoeuvring to get Sanders to shut down his campaign, which would have been an unlikely scenario if not for the pandemic.

Now in these troubled times, the Democrats may actually feel the need to rally around one candidate…Biden.

Next up for the Democrats are the Georgia primary on March 25 and the Puerto Rico primary on March 30.

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