Sanders Builds Lead: Can He Beat Trump?


Bernie Sanders swept the Nevada caucuses and has confirmed his position as the man to beat for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Sanders captured nearly 47% of the delegates with Joe Biden a distant second with 19.2% and Pete Buttigieg third on 15.4%.

Elizabeth Warren, who scored major points and $9 million in campaign contributions after her takedown of Michael Bloomberg during last week’s debate, could only garner 10.4%. Amy Klobuchar, who finished third in New Hampshire, was fifth with 4.5%.

Bloomberg was not on the ballot.

Sanders is now the clear favourite to win the nomination at $1.83, but his far Left leaning ideas are throwing a spanner into the Democratic Party’s plans.

Our traders also have Sanders at $4.00 (in from $5.50) to win the 2020 Presidential election against Donald Trump ($1.57).

Next up is the important South Carolina primary – the candidates’ first test in the Southern US – which takes place on Sunday (Australian time).


Bernie Sanders: Continues to roll through the primaries and caucuses, with support from young voters, far Left voters and in Nevada, Hispanic voters. Big test coming up in South Carolina, where he’s the favourite but may not resonate with rural and African-American voters.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $1.83 (in from $2.63)

Elizabeth Warren: Battled to a fourth place finish in Nevada, but scored major points with strong showing in last week’s debate. Has raised an extraordinary $21 million for her campaign in the month of February.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $34.00 (in from $41.00)


Pete Buttigieg: Finished third in Nevada, but his strong anti-Sanders comments and whingeing about irregularities in the caucuses has tarnished his image a bit. South Carolina is huge for his campaign.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $7.00 (out from $6.00)

Michael Bloomberg: Struggled big time in the Democratic debate, sounding unprepared and arrogant, and was ripped by Elizabeth Warren. Not exactly the momentum builder he needed ahead of South Carolina, where he’s still not on the ballot, but will compete in another debate.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $5.00 (out from $3.25)

Jury’s Out

Joe Biden: Still in a bit of a hole, but made a nice comeback after big failures in Iowa and New Hampshire. Will look to challenge Sanders in South Carolina and the crucial Super Tuesday in March.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $11.00 (out from $10.00)

Amy Klobuchar: Wasn’t expected to do well in Nevada and didn’t. A poor showing in South Carolina could see her drop out of the race.
Odds of winning Democratic nomination: $20.00


Markets for the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Markets for the 2020 Presidential election.


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