US Election: Next Is New Hampshire


While they’re still sorting through the results of last week’s Iowa caucuses, the travelling circus that is the Democratic Presidential campaign has rolled into the small but important state of New Hampshire.

Only 24 delegates are up for grabs, but this is the first primary of the year and can set the tone and momentum for the rest of the campaign.

Here’s how the leaders stack up, with Markets to win New Hampshire here.

Bernie Sanders

The latest: Claiming a win in Iowa, Sanders has led most of the New Hampshire polls and as a Senator from neighbouring Vermont he has high name recognition.

Odds of winning New Hampshire: $1.57

Pete Buttigieg

The latest: Mayor Pete is feeling good after finishing strong in Iowa, with polls showing him in second place in New Hampshire.

Odds of winning New Hampshire: $3.00

Joe Biden

The latest: After a disappointing finish in Iowa, Biden has made some changes to his staff and is looking to re-energise his campaign in New Hampshire.

Odds of winning New Hampshire: $21.00

Elizabeth Warren

The latest: Warren finished third in Iowa and has doubled her campaign fundraising goal to $4 million.

Odds of winning New Hampshire: $23.00

Amy Klobuchar

The latest: Finished fifth in Iowa but has hit the campaign trail hard and is feeling optimistic after polls show her in third place among potential New Hampshire voters.

Odds of winning New Hampshire: $81.00

Democratic Nomination Markets

To win the Democratic nomination:

$2.37 Bernie Sanders

$4.33 Michael Bloomberg

$6.00 Pete Buttigieg

$9.00 Joe Biden

$12.00 Elizabeth Warren

$16.00 Andrew Yang

$51.00 Amy Klobuchar


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