Which Candidate Will Take On Trump?


This week, the long run to the 2020 US Presidential election began, with most eyes on the Democratic contenders.

While President Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate barring any sort of major (and I mean major) catastrophe, the Democratic race is still wide open.

There are 10 candidates remaining, with at least seven considered to potentially have a shot at the nomination. Who are they? Below are snapshots of the seven, with current odds of winning the Democratic nomination.

Keep in mind that odds are subject to change!

Bernie Sanders

Age: 77
State: Vermont
Experience: US representative and Senator
Perceived positives: Huge grassroots base, strong campaign finances, legitimate alternative to Trump
Perceived negatives: Age, radical ideas aligned with Socialism
Odds of winning nomination: $2.50

Michael Bloomberg

Age: 77
State: New York
Experience: Mayor of New York City
Perceived positives: Huge financial backing, strong on gun reform laws, experience in NYC
Perceived negatives: Seen as conservative having backed George W. Bush in 2004, hard to see Democrats accepting him
Odds of winning nomination: $4.50

Joe Biden

Age: 76
State: Delaware
Experience: Longtime US Senator, Vice President under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017
Perceived positives: Experience, foreign policy, connection to the Obama years, might be able to lure some Republicans
Perceived negatives: Career politician, his son’s link to Ukraine scandal, harassment accusations from female co-workers
Odds of winning nomination: $5.50

Pete Buttigieg

Age: 37
State: Indiana
Experience: Mayor of South Bend
Perceived positives: Impressive early start, open-minded, casually known as ‘Mayor Pete’ since Buttagieg (‘boot-a-judge’) is tricky to pronounce
Perceived negatives: Inexperience, will majority of voters accept an openly gay candidate?
Odd of winning nomination: $6.50

Elizabeth Warren

Age: 69
State: Massachusetts
Experience: US Senator, Harvard professor
Perceived positives: Smart, fierce critic of Wall Street and economic system, wants the wealthy to pay more tax
Perceived negatives: Possibly too liberal a la Sanders for majority of voters, kerfuffle over alleged claim to have Native American heritage which Trump has openly mocked
Odds of winning nomination: $12.00

Andrew Yang

Age: 44
State: New York
Experience: Entrepreneur, tech executive
Perceived positives: Taiwanese immigrant success story, big financial base, wants new form of ‘human-centred’ capitalism
Perceived negatives: Fairly radical ideas, does he have the political chops?
Odds of winning nomination: $16.00

Amy Klobuchar

Age: 58
State: Minnesota
Experience: Senator from Minnesota
Perceived positives: Appeal to moderate voters, seen as more ‘common sense’ than many candidates
Percieved negatives: Not well known outside of the Midwest, reports of temper tantrums and working staff too hard
Odds of winning nomination: $51.00

**NOTE: Hillary Clinton is currently paying $23.00 to win the nomination, although she has insisted that she will not run.

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