A mate of mine recently approached me looking for advice with regards to a serious punting dilemma he had.

“Lighthouse”, Alex said, “It’s my Mum’s 70th birthday in a few weeks and she has organized a slap up family trip to Singapore to celebrate. We’ve been really looking forward to it.”

“Sounds great Alex”, I responded. “Wish your Mum a happy birthday for me. But why are you telling me this?”

“Well Lighthouse, she’s starting to get edgy over this Corona virus thing and the travel company has told her that she can cancel the trip now and get half her money back, but if a Global Pandemic is declared before we are due to fly, then she can get the lot back. There’s $20,000 on the line here and she needs as much cash as possible for buying more toilet paper. What should I suggest to her?”

I considered the matter. “I see Alex. You are asking me is whether $10,000 on a Pandemic at even money is a good bet?”

“Exactly. I know you are the go to man for this kind of advice.”

“Spot on Alex. Tell your Mum even money Pandemic is the best value she will see all year. And if she can get more on at that price count me in”

I look forward to hearing back from Alex in the next few days as to what decision his Mum took.

And while I wait it’s worth mentioning that if even money is not good enough for Alex’s Mum, then at the moment you can get $5 odds on omen tip Pandemic in Race 4 at Randwick.


Turns out that one of Lighthouse’s great racing friends is a long time social buddy of a part owner of the legendary Black Caviar.

As many would know, when you have kids you suddenly go from being Lighthouse to Lighthouse Junior’s Dad. So it is when you own a champion racehorse. For most of her life this lady had a name and an identity of her own, but now she is simply introduced wherever she goes as “Black Caviar’s part owner”(BCPO), as she was to me at Caulfield two weeks ago

BCPO told me about how initially she was extremely reluctant to get involved in the horse. It seems that when her wise husband signed up for the Caviar, BCPO told him there was no way she was transferring anything out of the bank account for another “stupid horse”. If he wanted to buy into the filly, he could draw the cheque himself. Some older readers may remember cheques. I’m told they were often used as a means of payment for things and occasionally as a substitute for toilet paper. I think they replaced rocks and beads as a means of exchange.

To compound her foolishness when the monthly bank statement arrived BCPO even circled the transaction, writing “stupid horse” next to it.

What we see here is yet another example of a woman who fortunately married an astute husband.

I relayed this tale to Mrs. Lighthouse, suggesting that it represented further compelling evidence that key racing investment decisions should be left in the hands of the man of the house. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lighthouse still seems to be afflicted with some kind of evidence immunity syndrome and suggested I just go and mow the lawn.


The Lighthouse has been resolutely following the mute Linda Meech on Twitter for some time. As a newsbreaker I want to be there when she finally breaks her 7 year vow of silence.

When Linda won the Oakleigh Plate on Pippie a fortnight ago I was excited, thinking, surely it’s now or never. Not a peep. Never is now odds on.

Evidence (that word again) exists that Linda knows how to access Twitter as she follows 6 people, including Justin Beiber, although strangely not yet The Lighthouse.


Belated congratulations to Lighthouse 2019 Jockey of the Year Blaike McDougall on breaking his black type duck, making the trip down from Albury to Hobart for some fine work on the Hayes/Dabernig trained mare Zargos in the Bow Mistress Stakes.

There are plenty more to come, particularly if he ever moves back to the big smoke.


Add these to last week’s list. Two top on pace runs last week by horses looking for longer – the frequently wayward Verry Elleegant (why on earth is it spelt like that) in the Chipping Norton, and in the Blamey the ultra reliable Secret Blaze.


Last week we made it two Melbourne quaddies from 2 cracks, although with 4 heavily supported faves winning, the dividend was miserable. Wary this week with a lot of rain and third Flemington meeting in a week but you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.


R3 Riddle Me That($14) keeps raising the bar

R4 Bonvicini($12), Spanish Reef($5.50) should both be in the thick of it

R5 Cradle Mountain($11) Meech on a frontrunner/Kentucky Breeze($27) if they can come from the back

R6 Great Newmarket but Exceedance($5) is a star and loyalty to Gytrash($8) continues to pay off

R7 Rubisaki($3.20) looks top class

R8 Tough. Don’t leave out Vow and Declare($12)

R9 Garner($4) first up, is a beauty in all conditions

QUADDIE  1,4,5,6,11//1,2,3//1,2,5,6,8//4,9,12


R1 Fasika($2.40) Sydney best. Back fixed on Sportsbet money back for place offer as insurance.

R2 Farnan($2.70) proven wet. Betting strategy – see Fasika

R5 Mister Sea Wolf($31) constantly underrated, loves soft and top first up record

R7 Shadow Hero($4.60) wet a niggling concern but outstanding horse

R8 Shared Ambition($3) a serious conveyance, but loved Eastender’s last effort.

R9 Savacool($21) wet, distance, second up. Ticks plenty of boxes


R8 Deluxe Design($11) itching to win, will get back though


R4 Cailini($16) well suited and 2 stablemates scratched early. Add Go Deep($8.50), Soubrette ($11)  for same race multis.

R6 Sunny St Cloud($21)  gut instinct

What do you think?