Three to Follow, Three to Forgive & Three to Forget | Rosehill


The last Saturday metropolitan meeting of the racing calendar year and punters had reason to be buoyed early with a couple of made to order days Thursday and Friday, which finally saw a Sydney track go up a Soft 7 rating Saturday morning for the first time in many a month. Sadly, it wasn’t just the weather that turned ugly quickly at Rosehill.

There’s not a lot left to be said about the inherent risks of a sport that treads so close to the edge that an ambulance is required to trail its participants by fifty yards as they ply their trade. This fact alone serves as a constant reminder that accidents are bound to happen, lest we even begin to factor in human error.

Stewards seem to take great delight in making examples of apprentice riders when their ambition exceeds their ability, so we’ll leave it to them to deal with the ‘reckless’ actions of perhaps the nation’s finest.

My job of finding the punters a few winners is an easy one. Indeed. So let’s get on with it.


Eduardo: (Syd Race 4) Joe Pride does things a little differently to most, so it’s always an idea to throw him one that could benefit from change of scenery and that could well be the case here. Great trainer of sprinters and gets the most out of older horses, so it would be no surprise to see this bloke get back to near his best which was less than a length and half off Nature Strip in a Group 1 Moir.

Mugatoo: (Syd Race 7) Excellent return this, picking up from where he left off in his first Aussie prep. Patient ride from Bowman camping out the back and allowing his mount to balance up before proving far too good for a handy enough field at this time of year. Stakes performed out to a mile and a half so you can only imagine there’s plenty more in store for him.

Varda: (Syd Race 9) It’s a scientific fact the cream will always rise to the top. But at this time of year, on these types of tracks, it harrows the soul and fills it with doubt as we patiently try and hang on to enough ammo until the last in order to find out we were right all along. Believe in yourself punters! And believe that this filly is the real deal. Able to switch off out of the speed battle early, then sighted the bunny in Partners who is low flying under these below minimum weights, pinned the ears back and drew clear crossing the line. Smart, sensible filly with an impressive turn of foot. Will go a long way.


Travest: (Syd Race 6) Another ordinary ride from Berry. Let himself fall back into the pocket after a establishing a run underneath Rothenburg at the 800m who was over-racing outside him. Forced back into the inferior ground. He’s going to need every bit of a mile but think he’s going well enough to win one given the right run.

Taikomochi: (Syd Race 7) Another gutsy on pace effort. He should be just about ready to rip third up out to his right trip.

Thy Kingdom Come: (Syd Race 8) Did a stack of work early and had no right to still be there at the business end. Forced to switch back to the inside over the concluding stages into inferior ground before being swamped by Poetic Charmer out wide late who came with the one run. He’s been up a while but still racing in great heart and I wouldn’t dismiss him in anything the team accepts for against winter opposition returning to racing on trying tracks.


Time to Reign: (Syd Race 4) Well bred colt, not firing. Might be time to rethink his future plans.

Albumin: (Syd Race 4) Had plenty of chances this time in.

Order Again: (Syd Race 7) Tracked Sambro to the corner. He’s been a long time between drinks but boxed on to run second. Order Again was entitled to show more. Run out of excuses for mine.

What do you think?