Topical Omen Bets – Wednesday 8th April


Whether you’re laid up on the couch on leave without pay, or working from home with the Sky racing on in the background here’s a set of topically themed omen bets to keep you entertained through Tuesday and Wednesday.



Race 5: Viral- The best way to describe the 5km radius around a Bondi backpackers hostel.

Race 6: Special Alert- What you definitely don’t want to see pop up on the screen when watching Sky Racing.

Race 7: Living the Dream- Said nobody ever since they took the footy off the TV.

Race 8: Civil Disobedience- A term police now used to describe three blokes sitting in a park having smoko.


Race 1: Trading Stock- I’ll swap you two rolls of Sorbent for a Latina Fresh Tortellini.

Race 2: Dry County- Will best describe my local area by next week if I continue to raid the bottle shop at my current frequency.

Race 3: Bucks- What Sco-Mo has been making it rain with lately.

Race 7: Banned’n’Dangerous- Just about every activity that used to be fun.

Race 8: Circulate- What the government thought it would be a really good idea to let the 2700 passengers of a viral cruise ship do in Sydney town.

Race 9: Days Go By- Very, very, very slowly at the moment.

Warwick Farm

Race 3: Ice Bath- Remembering back to better times when this was a thing on the internet.

Race 6: Kaapfever- Not sure what this is, but sounds highly contagious.

Race 7: Improvement- What I’m desperately hoping the curve of infection rates is doing when I google it 25 times a day.

Race 8: Mr Wong- Short price favourite to be the name of ‘Patient Zero’ who ate the bat in Wuhan.

Sunshine Coast

Race 2: Better Get Set- My logic when I’m pushing the trolley down the isles at Dan Murphy’s.

Race 3: Ready to Roam- How I was feel each afternoon when I bomb out at the third leg of the quaddie.

Race 4: Miss Daiquiri- What the misso calls herself to make her feel better when she’s on the blender making cocktails at 11.30am.

Murray Bridge

Race 5: Time Flies By- What we say when the children are listening.


Race 3: Three Generations- Roughly how long it will take to finally see that budget surplus.

Race 4: Rising Sea- Back when we thought global warming was our biggest problem.


The Meadows

Race 2: Wine Me Up- What I say to the Mrs right before the evening news comes on.

Race 5: Chasing Beers- First it was toilet paper, then it was Pasta, you know what is coming next.


Race 1: Seen Better Days- Accurate way to describe my liver at the moment.

Race 7: Reign it in- What my Mrs thinks I need to do with my drinking and punting now she actually gets to witness it first hand.

Albion Park

Race 1: Extra Coins- Plenty of them popping up in peoples Centrelink accounts which I’m sure is being well spent.

Race 2: Barbies Beach- Sorry, strictly off limits.

Race 3: Aerobic Zone- What my Mrs thinks the space between the couch and the TV is of a morning when I’m trying to jot down ‘The Gator’s’ quaddie numbers.

Race 7: Buck or Two- What you’ll probably be in need of this arvo if you take any notice of these tips.

What do you think?