Game Day As A Blue | Finchy’s Origin Diaries


Game day is always filled with plenty of nervous energy and thoughts going through your head.

But not for these Blues who have already wrapped up the series and had 10 days on the piss in the #Origin camp. Hopefully our boys will have sobered up by the timekick-off comes around.

I read during the week Freddy had the boys training blindfolded to improve communication where back in our days we just trained blind which seemed to work as well.

Game 3 at Suncorp and the only thing tougher than the game is the bloody bus ride down Caxton street where those lunatic Queenslanders will start filling the bars and pubs right after their first XXXX with bacon and eggs for breakfast. The fans will hurl abuse at the players and throw anything at the team bus including small children if they are within reach.

Running out onto Suncorp Stadium in a Blues jumper is certainly an experience. Queenslanders genuinely hate NSW and that is shown in the amount boos the team will no doubt recieve. In fact the only worse reception I’ve had other than running out for NSW at Suncorp was from my missus when I got home two days late from a session with the boys last weekend. Wow… Talk about icy reception.

Back to the Blues of recent, there hasn’t been much to cheer about when heading north of the borders but with Freddy and our Baby Blues I reckon the can get the job down for a clean sweep and a 3-0 series win. Go get ’em Blues!

What do you think?