Where to next for Bernard Tomic? We’ve opened up markets on that very question, with him to retire from tennis by the end of the year considered a $5.00 chance.

We’re tipping he could make his return to Reality TV, with Love Island the favourite choice and considered a $2.00 chance. The show is right up his alley, plus he’s already in Europe so the short notice wouldn’t be an issue.

Channel 10 to cast him as The Bachelor is considered a $6.00 chance, and we torn as to whether it would be a rating bonanza or an absolute flop…

To head back to the jungle but this time on Survivor is considered an outside chance at $81 .

Tomic barely mustered 64 words in his post-game press conference, so a future as a motivational speaker ($3.00) might not be the wisest career choice.

If he wants to stay in sport we’ve got him at $5.50 to become a race car driver, $16 to become a professional eSports player, and $36 to become the coach of the Davis Cup team.

Retire from Professional Tennis by the end of 2018
$1.14   No

$5.00   Yes

Next Reality TV Show
$2.00   Love Island

$3.50   Masterchef
$5.00   Big Brother
$6.00   Bachelor
$10      Real Housewives
$18      The Bachelorette
$21      The Voice
$26      The Block
$81      Survivor
$501    Who Dares Wins

Other Jobs
$2.00   Nightclub Owner

$3.00   Motivational Speaker
$5.50   Race car driver
$6.00   Meter maid
$12      Tennis Coach
$16      Professional eSports player
$16      Uber driver
$24      Bartender
$36      Davis Cup Coach
$51      Janitor
$51      Bank Teller
$81      Glassie
$101    Financial Planner

What do you think?