US Sport Tips | Thursday



10:10am Houston Rockets/Utah Jazz Under 205 @ $1.91

  • Defense will be at the forefront of Utah’s mind coming into this contest. If they are any chance of winning, they will need to contain Houston’s elite offense. Houston’s 3 pointers hurt Utah in the last game allowing 17 of them and we presume Coach Snyder will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the team doesn’t get torched again. After having a 1st great game from the perimeter, Utah were able to lock down Paul George for the rest of the series so they’ll be trying to replicate that with the Houston stars. They’ll also look to slow the tempo of the game down so we’re predicting Game 2 to be a low scoring affair.


10:10am New York Yankees @ $1.90

  • Keuchel’s groundball percentage is down from 66% to 50% which equates to Keuchel moving in the direction of allowing more flyballs. In short, flyballs produce a higher run value vs groundballs. On top of this, he has a WHIP of 1.32 against right handed batters. On top of this, he has a high WHIP of 1.32 vs right handed batters allowing batters to be able to get on base quite often. He has been lucky thus far stranding 75% of the baserunners but this is simply unsustainable and we’ll see Yankees break through for a few runs.  


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