Sportsbet Opens Simpsons Inspired World Cup Semi Final Market

Open wide for some soccer!


The Simpsons have been credited for predicting pretty much everything. President Trump. Disney taking over Fox. Super Bowl winners. Other more serious global events we don’t care to mention. Really, it’s a thing

Now, with the World Cup in full-swing, football fans who grew up on a solid diet of 6pm Ch10 Simpsons re-runs are claiming another outstanding act of foretelling – Willie Nelson will astound his fans by swimming the English Channel!

No, hang on. Mexico will meet Portugal to determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on Earth as seen (sort of) in 1997 classic ‘The Cartridge Family.’

Unfortunately this time around Simpson-ites appear to be wide of the mark, with Portugal and Mexico on the same side of the draw and unable to meet in the final. Ooh That’s bad.

However, for those out there looking to invest their hard earned Dollarydoos, we’ve got the two countries at $41 to meet in the semi-finals. That’s good!

The market contains Potassium benzoate. Just kidding. We mean, find it right HERE

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